ABM Technology

Superior advanced battery management

Battery service life is a major contributor to UPS reliability. Since batteries are electrochemical devices, their performance gradually decreases over time. Premature wear-out means higher costs interms of replacement labour and shorter service cycle. A worn battery entails a risk of unexpected load loss. In normal UPS operation, backup power is needed only occasionally and the battery ‘wearing’ rate depends strongly on how the full charge is being maintained. Excess charging is detrimental under any operating circumstances.

Significant extension of battery life

Eaton has created ABM® technology to extend the life of valveregulated lead-acid batteries by applying sophisticated logic to the charging regime. Using the traditional trickle charge method, batteries become subject to electrode corrosion and electrolyte dry-out, especially in standby service use due to continuous float charging. ABM is essentially an addition of intelligence to the charging routine by preventing unnecessary charging, thus significantly retarding wear-out. ABM provides an additional feature for monitoring battery condition and advance warning about the endof battery life upon detection of a weak battery. It also optimises the recharge time, which is advantageous when there may be consecutive power outages within a short period. ABM has been used for over 15 years in our UPSs ranging from 1 to 160 kVA and User benefits is now applied in UPSs up to 1100 kVA.

User benefits :

  • Predictive and automatic diagnostics of battery health
  • Significant extension of battery life compared to traditional charging method
  • Optimisation of battery recharging time with dual mode charging method
  • Automatic battery charge voltage compensation within 0 to +50ºC temperature range