Maintenance & Repair Service

Your Peace of Mind is Our Top Priority

Deltasindo provides comprehensive Uninterruptible Power System maintenance programs from Small Network-Ready UPS to Large Multi-Module systems, with our certified technicians available 24/7.

Maintenance & Service Agreement

After 1 year Standard Warranty Protection (Level 1), Deltasindo provide Extended Warranty (Level 2) and Additional Services (Level 3-6).

Level 1

  • 1 year warranty for Deltasindo products
  • Includes parts
  • Exclude shipping and technicians costs

Level 2

  •  Extended warranty after 1 year Standard Warranty Protection

Level 3

  • Direct unit replacement within 2 days
  •  Includes shipping costs

Level 4

  • Onsite technical support
  • Includes technician and parts (exclude batteries)

Level 5

  • 4 Preventative Maintenance visits per year
  • Priority schedule for damaged units
  • Includes technician and parts (excluding batteries)

Level 6

  • Our professional delighted to provides your specific need, that you can customized according to the features available in the Level 1 – 5 agreement.

Additional Service

UPS Power & Panel

Turnkey solutions are available for on-site installation to ensure the highest power protection.​

UPS Set Up

Provide on-site UPS wiring check, unit startup test and user training.

Preventive Maintenance

On-site inspection, testing, calibration and verification of UPS systems are available on a quarterly, biannual and annual basis.

Spare Parts Kit

Guaranteed parts support from a comprehensive list.

UPS Battery Maintenance & Replacement

UPS Battery maintenance and replacement according to battery condition.