Eaton UPS

Future-ready Power Protection Technology

Deltasindo offers the broadest and highest quality range of products, integrating a full line of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), DC Power Systems, Management Software and comprehensive supporting services to become the most optimal solution for your business.

PC, Workstation & AV

The best power protection solution to support PC, workstation, as well as home AV use.

Servers & Networks

Secure your servers and networks at all times.

Data Center & Facilities

Uninterruptible power systems with scalable battery runtime suitable for data centers & facilities such as electrical engineering infrastructure, security system, and other critical IT applications.

Marine & Offshore

Resilient power protection with durability in various marine and offshore conditions.


Power system solution tailored to meets your industry’s need.


Your most trusted power protection partner for dynamic transportation infrastructure.


Consistent power protection for sustained telecommunication services.

Plantation & Mining

Ensure the best power performance for seamless operations at your plantations and mining sites.


Uninterrupted power solutions for the protection of medical equipments.

Banking & Finance

Ensure your power security to optimize the operational performance of banking and financial transactions.

Retail Industry, Logistic & Others

Reliable power protection solutions for various sectors.