Eaton 5E (500-2000VA)

Eaton 5E is an essential Line Interactive UPS product that offers cost effective and reliable power protection against blackouts and poor power quality.

Product Overview

Key Featured

  • Runs under and over voltage without reducing battery usage 

  • 5E battery recharges permanently (even when off) and UPS can turn on without power

  • Avoid damage to telephone lines: 5E USB models are equipped with surge line data protection (Internet / Tel / Fax)

  • Easily connect all devices to the UPS (PC, HD TV, internet gateway) 

  • Install the 5E anywhere as a result of its small size

  • Easily arrange UPS from your PC

Eaton 5E (500-2000VA) Models

Eaton 5E500i
Eaton 5E650i
Eaton 5E650iUSB
Eaton 5E850iUSB
Eaton 5E1100iUSB
Eaton 5E1500iUSB
Eaton 5E2000iUSB
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