Eaton 5L (650-1200VA)

The Eaton 5L UPS offers cost-effective line-interactive backup power for workstations, desktop PCs, telephone equipment, networked storage and POS applications. Designed with a localized outlet, this UPS is easy to connect to equipment in both a household and business environment.

Product Overview

Key Featured

  • With Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), Eaton 5L UPS can operate in under and over voltage conditions, without having to use batteries

  • Can rely on batteries at any time: Eaton 5L UPS can run on battery without the need for an AC power source (Cold Start)

  • The Eaton 5L UPS is equipped with a data line surge protector (internet / fax) so there is no back line damage through the phone line

  • Install the Eaton 5L UPS anywhere as it is so small

  • Easily manage your UPS from a PC

Eaton 5L (650-1200VA) Models

Eaton 5L650UNI
Eaton 5L850UNI
Eaton 5L1200UNI
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