Eaton 9355 Marine

Online double-conversion technology with a power capacity of 8-30 kVA, DNV type approved, BV type approved and ABS design assessment up to 15 kVA, three-phase or single-phase input and output, small footprint, patented parallel Hot Sync capability up to four redundant systems, ABM technology for extended battery life, wide communication options.

Product Overview

Key Featured

  • Compact design with built-in battery, and designing static and manual bypass switches, resulting in a complete solution with less footing and industry-leading power density

  • Produces more real power with an optimal output power factor of 0.9, reducing the need for redundant sizing. With active power factor control (PFC), an unmatched 0.99 input power factor, and a smaller ITHD can be achieved to ensure even more perfect compatibility with generator sets and other upstream equipment.

  • Reliable backups have been further enhanced with Advanced Battery Management (ABM ™), which uses an innovative three-stage battery charging system that extends battery life.

  • Highest availability and reliability is achieved with HotSync parallel technology which enables parallel setup of up to four 9355 UPS for additional capacity or redundancy.

  • The easy-to-use LCD interface with a wide range of connectivity options make the 9355 easy to use and safe to operate.

  • Innovative technology and design make the 9355 a truly sustainable solution. Featuring system efficiency and high power density, the total cost of ownership is significantly reduced with savings in equipment, transportation and installation costs.

Eaton 9355 Marine Models

Eaton 9155M (8-30 KVA)
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