Eaton 9PHD Marine

Eaton 9PHD Marine UPS is a reliable and efficient, state of the art UPS solution that can be configured for a range of marine & offshore applications. It brings the benefits of modern, modular, IGBT based UPS technology to the shipborne environment providing the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in its power range.

Product Overview

Key Featured

Lowest total cost of ownership

– Up to 97% efficiency in double conversion, > 99% efficiency with Energy Saver System
– A compact footprint and internal transformer options
– Product design support easy and fast installation

Highly scalable and reliable
– Modular structure for fault tolerant n+1 design and scalability options to increase power afterwards
– Hot Sync wireless paralleling and internal redundancy for maximum availability

Easy management
– Web and SNMP interface as standard
– Intelligent Power® software for monitoring and managing
– Intuitive user interface and visual data logging

Eaton 9PHD Marine Models

Eaton 9PHD Marine (30-200 kVA)
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