UPS Applications


Securities Trading Real-time Portfolio Monitoring, Market Analysis, Real-time Market Data (Dow Jones, Reuters), Online Trading.

Document Processing, Image Processing Equipment, Check Sorters, Proof Machines, MICR Encoders.

Loan Processing, Mortgage Lending, Credit Reporting, Risk Management Systems.

Personal & Commercial Banking Teller Terminals, ACH Networking, Time Locks, Signature Verifications Systems, Voice Response Systems, ATM’s Credit Card Management Systems, EDI Transactions.


Telephone Systems Digital PBX Systems, Billing, Key Telephone Systems, Routing Analysis, Integrated Voice Mail Systems, Channel Banks, ProgrammingTerminals.

Radio Systems Command & Control Equipment, Battlefield Management, Transmit & Receiving Equipment, Intelligence Gathering & Processing, Secure Meteor Burst Communications, Special Joint Chiefs Project, ICBM Launch Control Systems, SATCOM Equipment, Secure Laser Communications Systems, Voice/Data Encryption Systems.

Radar Tracking Air Traffic Control, Flight Management, Electronic Counter Measure Systems, Flight Safety.


Production CNC devices, Process Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Waste Water Management, Test Equipment, Bill of Material Systems, SMD/AI Equipment, Robotics.

Inventory Control Automated IC Systems, MRP, Order Pickers, Bar Code Scanners.

Facilities Boiler Controllers, HVAC Control Systems, Elevator Control Systems.

Quality Assurance Measuring Devices, Refection Analysis, Particle Analyzers.


Store Front Operations POS Equipment, Shoplifting Control Devices, Inventory Control Systems.

Design & Engineering

Product Dev. and Engineering and Architectural Design CAD/CAM, Modeling, Package, Stress Analysis.

Electric Utility

Service Digital Quality Power, Dispatch Centers, Load Leveling Management Systems, Peak Shaving Systems..