Eaton Series 3 UPS are standby or off-line designs that are intended to provide a low price solution for power failures, power sags and power surges. Utility power is provided during normal operation. Utility voltage and frequency changes are not regulated by Eaton Series 3 UPS, and pass through to the equipment. When voltage or frequency changes become too severe, Eaton Series 3 UPS inverter converts DC battery power to AC power to run the equipment.


Eaton Series 5 UPS offer line-interactive technology and provide basic power protection at mid-range prices. In addition to protection against power failures, power sags and power surges, Eaton Series 5 protect against brownouts and electrical line noise. This design offers low-grade voltage regulation by “bumping” the utility voltage up or down before passing it through to your electronic system. During the UPS voltage changes, Eaton Series 5 use the battery for regulation. Although line-interactive UPS provide more voltage regulation than Eaton Series 3 UPS, battery life is often sacrificed. The number of transfers to and from battery by Eaton Series 5 UPS exceeds that of the Eaton series 9 by as much as 10 to 1 during brownouts and power surges. Eaton Series 5 offers additional power protection at a competitive price.


Eaton Series 9 UPS is designed to provide complete power protection. These On-line UPS protect against all types of power problems and continuously use the inverter to create 100% new, clean, regulated AC power for your systems. Equipment is isolated from all types of power problems when supplied by an on-line double conversion UPS. Eaton Series 9 UPS isolate equipment from harmonic distortion and are strongly recommended for critical applications that must meet the 5% maximum harmonic requirement stated in major computer manufacturer specifications and installation guides. Battery conservation is an essential factor in your decision to purchase an Eaton Series 9 UPS. Eaton Series 9 UPSs , use the battery less than any other UPS technology, increasing the life of your UPS.