Eaton 9355 (8-15kVA)

The new Eaton 9355 combine good looks with uncompromised efficiency and reliability. It provides an affordable solution for 24/7 power protection across a wide range of critical IT and electrical engineering applications. The 9355 cover the power range 8–40 kVA and can be paralleled for redundancy and capacity using Eaton’s patented Hot Sync® technology.

Product Overview

Key Featured

Double conversion topology 

Trouble-free output. Solution for critical 24/7 applications. Zero-break thyristor transfer to bypass for fault clearing.

Input power factor control (PFC) ?
Active 0.99 input power factor control leading to low current distortion in the input. Network friendly and reduces harmonics up to 5%

Hot Sync®?
Patented paralleling technology requires no communication modules, eliminating a system-level single point of failure.

Advanced Battery Management (ABM)
Reduced battery corrosion resulting significantly longer battery lifetime.?

No unexpected failures. Digital DSP technology constantly monitors internal UPS operation.


Eaton 9355 (8-15kVA) Models

Eaton 9355 (8-40 kVA)
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