Eaton 93E XL

The Eaton 93E XL UPS provides excellent power source protection with the highest power and energy density in the industry. The 93E XL is able to provide the lowest cost in its class by combining an integrated footprint, flexibility and ease of installation like never before. The 93E XL is ideal for applications requiring long backup times and those experiencing space constraints.

Product Overview

Key Featured

  • Low operating costs up to 98% efficiency level

  • The patented Powerware Hot Sync® technology makes it possible to allow the UPS to be parallel up to 4 units for increased capacity

  • Internal battery with long life, specially designed to save space and does not require extra shelving

  • Powerful, flexible and adjustable life, capable of delivering 30min to 40kVA of backup power

  • Large LCD display shows the status of the UPS and provides easy access for measurement, control and adjustment

  • Intelligent Power Manager Software can monitor and manage a number of power devices on your network

  • Designed to maximize performance in the facilities and IT fields

Eaton 93E XL Models

Eaton 93EXL-10-4S-90M-E
Eaton 93EXL-10-2S-40M-E
Eaton 93EXL-20-5S-50M-E
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