UPS Eaton Blade (12-60 kW)

12-60kW Eaton Blade UPS is a rack-mounted double-conversion UPS ideal for decentralised power protection. The Powerware BladeUPS is a revolutionary power quality solution, providing robust, compact solution without generating the additional heat associated with legacy end-of-row, modular UPS products.

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Product Specification

Power Level 12 kW per UPS Module
Efficiency Up to 97%
Heat Dissipation 371W / 1266 BTU / hr at 100% load rate
Cooling Fan cooling, temperature monitored microprocessor; air enters in front, exhausts behind
Noise Audible, Normal Operation <60 dBA at 1 meter
Altitude before Derating 1000 meters (3300 feet above sea level)
Input Voltage Models 208 Vac and 400 Vac
Voltage Range 208V models: 180 to 265 Vac 400V models: 311 to 519 Vac
Frequency Range 50 or 60 Hz, ± 5 Hz
Input Current Distortion <5% with IT load (PFC power supply)
Input Power Factor > 0.99 with IT load (PFC power supply)
Inrush Current It depends on the load
Output Voltage Value 208V models: 180 to 225 Vac, Ph to Ph 400V models: 180 to 240 Vac, Ph to N
Output Configuration Three phase, four wires + ground
Output Frequency (nominal) 50 or 60 Hz automatic detection on startup
Frequency Settings 0.1 Hz free running
Load Power Factor Range Lagging: 0.7 Leading: 0.9
Total Output Voltage Distortion <3% with IT load (PFC power supplies ) <5% non-linear or non-PFC power supplies
Battery Type VRLA - AGM
Battery Runtime (Internal) 13 minutes at 50% load 4.8 minutes at 100% load
Battery Runtime (Internal) 240 Vdc
Battery Charging Profile Battery Charging Profile
Battery Voltage Limit Vary from 1.67 VPC at runtime 90 minutes
Low battery condition The alarm goes off
Software Compatibility The UPS includes a Software Suite CD containing LanSafe power management software
Bay X-Slot Two are available for the cards listed below

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