Eaton 93PR 25-1200kW

The Eaton 93PR 25-1200 kW UPS is a three phase online UPS, with power ratings from 25 – 1200 kW. The UPS is available in a modular form factor and is compatible with Lithium-ion UPS batteries, which are 40 percent smaller than VRLA batteries and have twice the lifespan, saving money on battery replacement costs and extra square footage for battery cabinets. With a modular design, the power modules are hot-swappable and hot-scalable, eliminating the need to go to bypass for module replacement or upgrading. This UPS comes with Unity power factor (VA=W) 1.0

Product Overview

Key Featured

New generation modular UPS with hot swappable and hot scalable modules
• Supports 8 units with different power modules in parallel up to 4.8MW
• Provides efficiency up to 97.5% (double-conversion), more than 99% (ESS)
• Provides external battery cabinet and battery rack solutions
• Provides complete set of customized power solutions
• IPM (Intelligent Power Management) intelligent software solution seamlessly monitor, manage and control power devices in your physical or virtual environment

Eaton 93PR 25-1200kW Models

Eaton 93PR (25-200 kW)
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