UPS Category PC, Workstation & AV

Eaton 5L (650-1200VA)

The Eaton 5L UPS offers cost-effective line-interactive backup power for workstations, desktop PCs, telephone equipment, networked storage and POS applications. Designed with a localized outlet, this UPS is easy to connect to equipment in both a household and business environment.

Eaton 5V (650-1050 VA)

The Eaton 5V UPS offers a cost-efficient line interactive backup power for workstations, desktop PCs, telephone equipment, internet access point and point of sales (POS) applications. Designed with universal outlets, it allows ease of power connection to equipment in a home or business environment and secure your data/ equipment against power outages and bad power quality.

Eaton Ellipse ECO (650-1600VA)

The Eaton Ellipse ECO is a slim power protector with a high performance surge protection device (complies with IEC standard 61643-1). With an electrically efficient design and EcoControl function (USB model), the Eaton Ellipse ECO helps you save up to 25 percent energy compared to previous generation UPS.

Eaton Ellipse PRO (650-1600VA)

The Eaton Ellipse PRO 650–1600VA is a line-interactive UPS specially developed to protect workstations running demanding applications. Ellipse PRO features an LCD display for real-time status and measurement. Ellipse PRO also features an EcoControl power socket, which enables energy savings of up to 20 percent and Advanced Surge Reduction (ASR) which fully complies with the requirements of the IEC 616431-1 standard.